Mergers and acquisitions

By piercappartners (other events)

Saturday, December 31 2016 10:00 AM 1:00 PM

Transactions in which the ownership of companies, other business organizations or their operating units are transferred or combined with some other organization is called Mergers and acquisitions or M&A. This is a strategic management and M&A can allow business organizations to grow, shrink or change the nature of the business to improve their position in the market.

A merger means a combination of two companies to form a new company, while an acquisition is the purchase of one enterprise by another, where no new company is formed. The term M&A also refers to the department at financial institutions that deals with mergers and acquisitions.

Equipped with strong local market knowledge and close networking to business community in Del Mar, professional staff with experience and training abroad, PierCap Partners is well positioned to assist you in all stages of buying, selling or merging with a business.

Who is this event for?

This event is for any business enterprise, individual or combined looking for acquisitions and partial or full sale of ownership interest for the best possible combination of price, terms and strategic fit.

Event details

This is a short 3 hour session on investment banking, Merging and acquisition.


21 October 2016

10 am – Arrive/Complementary Breakfast, 11-12 am– Presentation, talks by experts, 1 pm – Q&A session

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a.    Who is this event being hosted by?

This event is being hosted by PierCap Partners is a premier mergers & acquisitions (M&A) investment banking firm.

b.    What will I learn?

You will learn everything you need to know about merging and acquisitions, their benefits and things to learn.

c.    Is it free?

Yes, this is an entirely free event.

d. What to wear?

Yes, formals are mandatory since this is a business event.